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      Technical Information Of Combustion Tester Of Automotive Interior

      2016-06-02 16:31:08


      1. product name : Combustion  Tester  Of  Automotive  Interior

      2. Product number:QCS-3

      Combustion  Tester  Of  Automotive  InteriorQCS-3汽車內飾燃燒燃燒試驗儀


      3. Introduction: It is  used for qualitative assessment of the fuel of automotive interior materials  and  applies to all types of automotive interior materials.

      4. Working conditions:

      ① Ambient temperature:-5-30

      ② Relative humidity:85%

      ③ power supply:220V+ 10%

      ④ Power:100W

      ⑤ Gas source:Liquefied petroleum gas

      ⑥ Stopwatch accuracy : not less than 0.5s

      ⑦ The time of the flame of a burner to the test specimen:15s

      ⑧ Burner:Internal Diameter:9.5mm+ 0.1mm,Length : 100mm

      ⑨ Test Angle:The lamp is 90 degrees vertical to the horizontal placed in the sample combustion

      ⑩ Flame height: 20mm + 2mm to 100mm + 2mm adjustable (generally adjustable to 38mm)

      11 Applying the flame time: 0-999.9s + 0.1s can be adjusted (generally selected as 15s)

      12 Burning time: 0-999.9s + 0.1s, observe the flame to the first line after the manual start, manual pause

      13 Temperature range:0 ~ 200, display  real-time test temperatureDisplay test conditions within the studio internal temperature, can be customized environmental temperature control, higher than 34 degrees can not be started

      5. Composition:

      ① Equipment control part and the hood is together,combustion chamber is built。

      ② Ignition systemPressure automatic

      ③ Automatic intake and exhaust system (gas automatically open, automatically shut down)

      ④ Have ventilation and lighting

      ⑤ U-bracket: stainless steel

      ⑥ Heat-resistant metal wire groove spacing 25mm ,size 0.5mmX0.5mm

      ⑦ Temperature measurement range0-200℃

      ⑧ Flame Ruler Accuracy: 0.1mm

      ⑨ Equipment Dimensions: L * W * H 1310 * 650 * 1560mm (including feet)

      ⑩ Combustion test area volume:> 0.75 cubic meters long * width * height of about 1050mm × 640mm × 1300mm, black background, the background illumination ≤20Lux

      6. Design standard:

      GB8410-2006Flammability of automotive interior materials

      FMVSS 571.302




      版權所有?南京炯雷儀器設備有限公司蘇ICP備12078555號-1 技術支持:玖佰網
      氧指數測定儀 / 建材可燃性試驗儀 /建材不燃性試驗爐 / 建材煙密度測試儀/絕熱用巖棉熱荷重試驗裝置 / 鋼結構防火涂料小樣試驗爐 / 大板法防火涂料測定儀/ 電工套管阻燃性能測試儀 /
      LDQ-2型漏電起痕測試儀 / ZRS-2型灼熱絲試驗儀 / ZY-2型針焰試驗機 / CZF-5水平垂直燃燒儀 / 汽車內飾燃燒試驗儀 / 電線電纜垂直燃燒燃燒儀 /
      地址:南京市江寧區科苑路128號興民工業園 電話:025-87197202
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